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Financial Coach Meagan

Meagan Landress, CSLP®
Certified Student Loan Professional ™

About Meagan's Practice

Financial Coach Meagan specializes in helping individuals who are beginning their financial planning journey with student loan debt in the mix. As a Certified Student Loan Professional ™, Meagan's specialized education around student loans allows her to help borrowers make informed repayment decisions taking into account their full financial situation and financial goals.

Services Provided

Comprehensive Student Loan Planning

Taking the Guesswork Out of Your Repayment Strategy

Financial Foundation Coaching

Getting the Right Plan in Place From the Beginning

"When it don't add up, you can count on me... to get your finances in order."

- Devin Dawson (in part)

Downloadable Worksheets

Considerations Before Consolidating Your Student Loans

September 16, 2019

When to Consider Refinancing Your Student Loans

August 7, 2019

I'm Getting Married... How Will This Affect My Student Loan Repayment Plan?

June 11, 2019

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