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Meagan McGuire (Landress), CSLP®


About Coach Meagan

My interest in finance started as a Junior in high school while working as a bookkeeper for a gym in my hometown: Lawrenceville, Georgia (GO BLACK KNIGHTS!). This work steered me towards studying finance in college at The Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University.


I began my career in personal finance, interning for a financial planning firm while in college, which turned into a full-time position after graduation. I studied under 3 CFP® professionals. I learned the intricacies of personal financial planning and enjoyed it!


As I started to grow my client base, I realized a large group of people out there were interested in financial planning but couldn't think past their massive amounts of student loan debt. These same folks needed help with budgeting and saving, eager to learn more about good financial management but didn't know where to start.

Most traditional financial planning firms are not designed to help people with student loans or work with folks on foundational areas of financial planning. I could fill this need. 

I started my practice - Financial Coach Meagan - in March of 2017 to help people with student loans build their 1st financial plan! My financial coaching has helped hundreds of clients achieve their financial goals since then.

7 Facts About Meagan

1. I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit: Growing up, I was in the business of making & selling bracelets, dolls, brooms, purses, & my artwork at family gatherings. I was a proud Girl Scout cookie supplier. I auctioned off my mom's hand-drawn napkin artwork from my lunchbox for extra snacks. I mowed lawns every summer. I was a little business owner in the making! 

2. I played high school & travel softball: shortstop & centerfield!

3. I don't swear.

4. My husband, Kelly, is a business owner as well. He works in the healthcare staffing industry!

5. I have two siblings. My sister is my best friend. My brother could be my fraternal twin even though he's five years younger than me. 

6. I enjoy cooking. It's my "me" time after a long day and gives me a chance to be creative.

7. I love what I do... If I won the lottery or had a chance to "do it all over again," I'd still be doing exactly THIS.  


Outside my practice, I also consult & create content for Student Loan Planner.

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