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Student Loan Repayment Planning

Taking the Guesswork Out of Your Repayment Plan

The complex and seemingly ever-changing nature of student loans makes knowing what repayment strategy is best for YOU, very difficult to navigate. 81% of Americans with student loan debt have delayed financial and/or other life-decisions as a result.

Meagan's Comprehensive Student Loan Planning entails a thorough debt reduction plan based on the repayment options available to you, your current financial situation, and your financial goals.


  • 44 Million Borrowers
  •  Over $1.52 Trillion Debt Outstanding
  • Average Total Loan Balance: $30k
  •  51% of All Borrowers are NOT in Repayment 
  • Graduate Students Make Up 14% of College Enrollment, but Hold  40% of the Student Loan Debt Issued
Frequently Asked Questions

What Repayment Plan is Right for Me?

I will help you:
- Navigate through which repayment plan is best for you and why.
- Review the pros and cons of alternative repayment plans.

How Much Will I be Paying on My Loans?

I will provide you with:

- The monthly payment estimate for each repayment plan available to you.
- A projected pay-off date and the nominal cost of each repayment plan.

- The total savings you’d achieve by not being in the wrong repayment plan.

Do I Need to Consolidate My Loans?

We will:
- Determine if consolidation is necessary and the what the implications will be.

Will I Owe Taxes on My Forgiven Debt?

I will answer this question based on your situation and:
- Provide you with a savings strategy if there is a tax implication in the future on any forgiven debt

What if I Can't Afford My Student Loan Payments?

We will work to:
- Strategize on how to reduce your AGI for IDR plans.
- Review any other suitable repayment options available to you.
- If necessary, complete a cash-flow analysis and implement a budget based on recommended spending parameters.

How Will Getting Married Impact My Payment?

I will help you:
- Navigate the unique complexities of how marriage may impact your repayment strategy.
- Review & complete all necessary applications/paperwork.

"My goal is to eliminate the sigma & uncertainty around student loan repayment planning."

- Meagan Landress, CSLP®

Student Loan Planning Process


Introduction Call


Discovery & Homework Review


Plan Presentation Meeting


Implementation Meeting


Check-In Call

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