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Getting your personal finances in order for the first time (or once again) can be overwhelming - Especially when you have student loans! My financial coaching process is specifically designed for individuals starting their financial planning journey with student debt in the mix. My goal is to bring clients peace of mind by getting their finances organized, establishing a priority order of next-steps, and mapping out the timetable for achieving the goals set.

As a Certified Student Loan Professional™, my specialized education around student loans allows me to help borrowers make informed repayment decisions taking into account their full financial situation and financial goals.

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Scope of Services

  • Cash Flow & Budgeting

  • Insurance & Risk Management

  • Benefit Package Review

  • Debt Reduction & Elimination

  • Student Loan Repayment Planning

  • Emergency Savings Analysis

  • Future Savings Strategy

  • Investment Vehicle &Strategy Education

  • Professional Collaboration

  • Plan Maintenance

Planning Process



Introduction Call 



Fact-Finding Meeting


Planning Meeting


Check-In & Implementation  Call(s)


Plan Maintenance Meetings (2)


Introduction Call

Am I a good fit for what you're looking for?

This is an opportunity to find out if what I offer is what you are looking for. Let's connect over a complimentary 15-20 minute phone call.


Planning Meeting

Let's begin making progress.

Welcome to the first look at your plan. During this meeting, I will outline your specific recommendations to begin making progress towards your financial goals.


Check-In & Implementation Call(s)

Let's implement these recommendations & get on track.

During your Planning Meeting, you will be given follow up items to complete. Your Check-In Call(s) will be scheduled to help with and/or confirm completion, assess any other possible next-steps, and answer any remaining questions.


Plan Maintenance Meetings

I'll hold you accountable. Let's make sure we stay on track.

Plan Maintenance Meetings are designed to check on your plan's progress and confirm the current strategy is working and/or make adjustments if necessary.


Fact-Finding Meeting

Where are we now and where are we trying to go?

During this meeting, we will review & clarify the data provided and have an in-depth conversation around the financial goals for your household.

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