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Financial Foundation Coaching

Getting the Right Plan in Place From the Beginning

Meagan offers guidance to those that fall within the in-between: on your own financially, but not yet at the point of financial freedom and need help getting to that point.

"My goal is to bring peace of mind to my clients by helping them gain control of their finances and feel confident in their financial futures."

Meagan's Financial Coaching Overview

Services Provided

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Budgeting

  • Debt Reduction & Elimination Planning

  • Emergency Savings Analysis

  • Future Savings Strategy

  • Plan Maintenance

  • Professional Collaboration

Planning Process



Introduction Meeting


Initial Meeting


Plan Meeting


Check-In Call


Progress Meetings

Toasting Drinks


Are We a Good Fit?

This is an opportunity to find out if what Meagan offers is what you are looking for. Let's connect over a quick 15-20 minute phone call.

Business Meeting

Plan Meeting

Begin Making Progress

Welcome to the first step of your journey. During this meeting, your Financial Coach will outline the specific recommendations designed to begin helping you make progress in your financial situation.

Phone on Desk

Check-In Call

Follow Up

During your Planning Meeting, you will be given follow up items to complete. Your Check-In Call will be scheduled to confirm completion, assess any other possible next-steps, and answer any remaining questions.


Progress Meetings

Stay on Track

Progress Meetings are designed to check on your plan's progress and confirm the current strategy is working and/or make adjustments if necessary.


Fact-Finding Meeting

Where Are We Going?

During this meeting, we will review & clarify the data provided together and have an in-depth conversation around the financial goals for your household.

Ready for Some Peace of Mind?

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