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Student Loan Repayment Planning

Taking the Guesswork Out of Your Repayment Plan

What if... you knew exactly how to tackle your
6-figures of student loan debt... I can help you!



  • 43 Million Borrowers
  • Over $1.6 Trillion Debt Outstanding

What a Student Loan Plan Entails:

  • Navigate through which repayment plan is best for you and why 

  • Review the pros and cons of alternative repayment plans

  • Reviewing eligibility requirements for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) or other available forgiveness programs

  • Determine if consolidation is needed and its implications 

  • Determine if private refinancing is appropriate and assist with implementation 

  • Provide you with the monthly projection for each available repayment plan 

  • Provide you with the projected pay off date and the total cost of loan payback (and the cost savings you’d see with a more efficient repayment plan) 

  • Provide you with a savings strategy if there is a future tax liability from any forgiven debt

  • Strategize on how to reduce your Adjusted Gross Income (i.e. what your IDR payment is based off of) 

  • Review necessary applications/ paperwork 

  • Answer any questions you have in regards to your student loans and the impacts on your financial situation 


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