Student Loan Repayment Planning

Taking the Guesswork Out of Your Repayment Plan

The complex nature of student loans makes knowing what repayment strategy is best for YOU, very difficult to navigate. 81% of Americans with student loan debt have delayed financial and/or other life-decisions as a result.

My student loan repayment planning entails a thorough debt reduction plan based on the repayment options available to you, your current financial situation, and your financial goals.



  • 45 Million Borrowers
  • Over $1.56 Trillion Debt Outstanding
  • Average Total Loan Balance: $30k
  • 51% of All Borrowers are NOT in Repayment 
  • Graduate Students Make Up 14% of College Enrollment, but Hold 40% of the Student Loan Debt Issued

What I Would Help You with:

  • Navigate through which repayment plan is best for you and why 

  • Review the pros and cons of alternative repayment plans 

  • Determine if consolidation is needed and its implications 

  • Determine if private refinancing is appropriate and assist with implementation 

  • Provide you with the monthly projection for each available repayment plan 

  • Provide you with the projected pay off date and the total cost of loan payback (and the cost savings you’d see with a more efficient repayment plan) 

  • Provide you with a savings strategy if there is a future tax liability from any forgiven debt

  • Strategize on how to reduce your Adjusted Gross Income (i.e. what your IDR payment is based off of) 

  • Help you with all necessary applications/ paperwork 

  • Answer any questions you have in regards to your student loans and the impacts on your financial situation 


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